History of Kalampaka

Kalampaka is one of the most ancient cities of Thessaly. A town, which is called in ancient times, Eginio.
In Byzantine times, during the 9th century Eginio is called Stagi as a site of the episcope Stagon,(it belongs to holy people) as some people explained, (wheat tube) as some others explained, (caves or holes of the rocks) as other people have explained.

Kalampaka, the town under Meteora

During the turkish domination the name changed to Kalampaka and took its name from a Byzantine family, Kalampaka family as some people believe or (took its name) from the turkish kale mpak meaning prestigious castle as some others believe. It is a prestigious castle as it is surrounded by the imposing place of Meteora An enormous group of rocks about 30000000 sq. m.

It is a place which is imposed, having a wonderfull view, as spiritual place and cult towards god, since the ancient times till today It’s a place full of natural beaty and harmony of such rugged and imposing rocks. On the feet of the rocks there is Kalampaka, a town of 15000 people today.